I bought a replacement engine but it's faulty. What are my rights?

My Vauxhall Insignia overheated and the garage says the head gasket has gone. They did the job then said it was now the bottom block and needed an engine. I bought an engine online and they delivered it to the garage. Now the garage are saying there us a faulty valve. The engine supplier wants £150 to get the car to them so they can check if the engine was at fault or the fitter has damaged it. What are my rights?

Asked on 17 April 2017 by Tricia

Answered by Honest John
You broke the chain of liability by buying the engine from one supplier and having another supplier fit it. So ostensibly it is "reasonable" for the engine supplier to ask for the return of the engine so he can check it. Your problem is that there are more crooks in the replacement engine business than there are in prison, so the engine supplier might be honest or might be a villain, but you have no alternative other than to comply with his request.
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