I've been fined £100 for overstaying at a train station - can I contest this?

I recently parked at Chippenham Station in a short 20 minute limit area to see off my daughter. This was just before 9pm and there were plenty of spare bays. My daughter's train, due at 20:55, was seriously delayed. She caught another train at about 21:30. I've now received a ticket for £100, which shows a picture of my car at 21:31 (no time of arrival stated). I have appealed this ticket because the cost of parking for a day is only £7.10, so I don't know how they can justify £100 for about 35 minutes. How do I stand legally? My intention is possibly to contest this in court.

Asked on 10 January 2018 by JOHN CURRANT

Answered by Honest John
The Supreme Court ruling in Beavis v Parking Eye, November 2015, is that you are legally obliged to pay.
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