We hit the back of a car due to ice - will our insurer take that into consideration?

We were at a T-junction waiting for the lights to change behind a Ford transit flatbed. When the lights turned green the Transit pulled onto the junction intending to turn right, so we pulled forward intending to turn left. Suddenly the transit van slammed on its brakes due to a police car passing across his route. My wife reacted but due to ice on the road slid into the rear of the Transit. Substantial cosmetic damage was done our car with a few broken lights on the Transit. Would the insurance company take into consideration that fact that the Transit van driver didn't see the police car till late and made him slam on hard and possibly that the black ice contributed also?

Asked on 18 December 2017 by Craig

Answered by Tim Kelly
It is quite simply your wife's fault. Your wife should not have proceeded until her path was clear. Just because the vehicle in front of you move's forward, does not mean you should. Taking into consideration you mentioned the road was slippery, it also puts you at more risk of vehicles coming from your right colliding in to you as you are now directly in their path should they skid on the ice.
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