Someone hit our car in a car park and didn't leave their details - should I inform my insurer?

This afternoon we parked in a very busy Tesco car park and returned to find a note behind the wiper blade. Someone had seen another car hit ours whilst parking, and had then just driven off. Although they gave what they thought the registration number was, they said they could not be 100 per cent certain, although they did give the make, model and colour. I intend on advising my insurers of the situation, but will probably pay for it myself to be repaired locally. Have I done what I can in the circumstances?

Asked on 27 November 2017 by

Answered by Tim Kelly
Don't notify your insurer if you intend to pay for it yourself. Check the details for the vehicle registration here:

You can then see if the registration matches up with the vehicle. Then contact the police and advise that this vehicle has damaged your vehicle, as it's an offence under the Road Traffic Act to leave the scene of an accident without leaving your details.

Then go on MID:

Pay the £4 and find out who they are insured through. Then contact his insurer and report it. They will then contact the party involved, as will the police. Do not repair the car until you have done this, as they at fault insurer may want to see the damage or assist in arranging repairs. Should you not be able to obtain the details, or they are incorrect, if you aren't claiming for the damage to your car through your insurer, do not notify them.
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