Do I have any rights after being given the wrong information about my Vauxhall Astra's cam belt?

I bought a car from a Vauxhall dealer in February 2010. Before I bought it I asked on more than one occasion about when the cam belt should be done, and he said 100,000 miles. The car is an 06 Astra 1.7 CTDI. The car had done 51,000 miles when I bought it. I've just asked about a full service at my local Vauxhall dealer and they said I was ready for a new cam belt. They told me that as the car is on 57,000 miles I will need one very soon. How do I stand with the sales person who sold me the car, have I got any rights?

Asked on 15 September 2010 by ilsonlad

Answered by Honest John
Can you prove what he told you?
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