What rights do you have when buying a trade car?

My son purchased a car from garage where he works. They classed it as a trade car at trade price. Three days later the gearbox broke and would cost 800 to fix. The car was only £2000. What rights do you have when buying a trade car?

Asked on 13 October 2017 by freelanderoig

Answered by Honest John
A dealer can't get away with selling a car as "trade" to a member of the public. But three little words in your Ask "where he works" makes this a genuine trade sale, so I don't think he has any better legal rights than a trader who bought the car trade. But what kind of a garage is this that would sell a duff car to a member of its staff and then not fix it for him when it went wrong? I think he might require a bit of Citizens Advice about that.
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