My Ford Mondeo won't start - where's the fuel pump?

My Ford Mondeo has been laid up for six years but has regularly been started. Today I am trying to start it and there is a spark at the plugs but they are dry, therefore I presume that the petrol is not pumping. I am unable to trace the whereabouts of the pump or know if its electric or mechanical. Would you please have any ideas?

Asked on 7 September 2010 by keithypops

Answered by Alan Ross
If you have a electric pump you would hear it tick when the ignition is first switched on (it is normally fitted at the rear of the car near the fuel tank. If you have a mechanical one it will be fitted on the side of the engine block, and could be traced by backtracking from your carburettor. If you have a mechanical pump then it may have a primer fitted to it which you can then operate to draw fuel through the system.

I know it sounds silly, but are you 100 per cent sure that you have fuel in the tank?
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