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I had new fuel pump fitted a year ago. It went again two days after the warranty expired but I have only done 2000 miles in a year. They wouldn't cover it and charged me again. Is this normal?
My 1996 Ford Mondeo been standing for three years. What is the best way to approach starting it again? I've fitted a new battery but it didn't start. The previous owner said it needed a fuel pump and I'm...
My 2008 Honda Accord 2.2 i-DTEC hesitates and surges when I drive 30 - 40mph, eventually resulting in the engine management light coming on. The Honda garage diagnosed low fuel pressure and changed the...
I need help with my Peugeot Boxer camper van. The vehicle is a 2008 model and has a full service history. In brief, the high pressure fuel pump has failed and snapped the end of the cam shaft. Has this...
My Ford Mondeo stopped working recently. It was diagnosed as faulty fuel pump. However, despite the pump being changed, the car still won't run. When you turn it over it starts but then cuts out, there...
I own a Hyundai i30 (2007 model) with a 2.0-litre diesel engine. After a major service at a main dealer an advice note came back that the fuel pump was 'whining' and was 'on the way out'- replacement cost...
I filled up with Shell V power at my local filling station today. Previously I have never been able to get more than 42 litres of fuel in, today it took 49 litres and still hadn't shut off. I have a 62...
I think the fuel pump has packed in on my Renault Laguna. Where is it and how can I access it?
My BMW 3 Series E46 is running poorly, The engine appears to be uneven in its power delivery and feels like the diesel isn't getting through. Any ideas?
I own a 2009 Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI (W204) with an automatic gearbox. I have recently had a problem where the car is blowing out black smoke and the car has also stalled a few times at low speed, which...
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