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Hyundai i30 diesel fuel pump failure

I own a Hyundai i30 (2007 model) with a 2.0-litre diesel engine. After a major service at a main dealer an advice note came back that the fuel pump was 'whining' and was 'on the way out'- replacement cost over £500.

I asked a local garage to listen for the noise and they could hear a whine but thought it was the pump working normally. They spoke to two specialists (not sure who) and they said they have never heard of a fuel pump failing on an i30 diesel. I am told that if the pump does fail the car will just come to halt and as I do a lot of motorway driving that doesn't sit well with me! What should I do?

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Get a second opinion. This is called the "fuel tank lifter pump" and the whirring noise is a sign that it is worn (just like whirring from a gearbox is a sign of bearing wear). Shouldn't be a £500 job to replace. However, do not even attempt this job yourself because, though it's a diesel, there is still a risk of fire and explosion and the battery must be disconnected before any dismantling.
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