Does metallic red paint fade more quickly than other colours?

I'm in the market for a replacement car (secondhand) and the current front runner is a metallic red. I've always understood red paint to be notorious for fading. Recent internet research suggests that red cars built since the turn of the century have a coating on them, but this advice seems to relate to solid colours only. Did/does fading only affect the solid colours and what is your view on metallic paint?

Asked on 9 September 2017 by Mike

Answered by Honest John
Since the EU decreed that colour coats had to be water based, all cars have had to have clearcoat lacquer over the colour coat since around year 2000. I'm currently running a metallic red Renault Kadjar and I can tell you that one huge advantage is it doesn't show the dirt, so I haven't had to wash it for months.
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