My insurance was voided due to accidental misrepresentation - can I fight this decision?

I stated on a comparison website that I am a resident in the UK from birth, when in fact I've only lived in the UK since 02010. The insurer asked for some documents shortly after the policy was taken out. Later they called to tell me that they think I misrepresented myself deliberately to get cheaper insurance. They voided my insurance instantly. Is there any chance of fighting their decision?

Asked on 7 September 2017 by Ohije

Answered by Honest John
Yes, you can raise a complaint with them and then escalate to the financial ombudsman. Requote yourself again via the same website and same insurer, this time ticking the right box, and see if they are willing to provide cover. If they do, do a screen print as evidence and save it. This shows they should not have voided the policy, but amended and charged you extra. The only time a policy can be cancelled is when it's fraudulent or wilful misrepresentation, where the insurer would not have provided cover had it have known otherwise. If you can prove they would have, then they will have to reinstate the policy whilst ensuring you are not negatively affected in any way.
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