What should I do if I don't know who was driving when a speeding ticket was received?

My elderly dad isn't driving at the moment due to illness, so loaned his car to a family in another town. Now he has a police letter saying he did 35mph in a 30mph zone and to name the driver. He has no idea who it was as six people use the car. Photos will show it's not him as none are elderly men. If he is unable to say who was driving, does her have to say it was him and get the fine and points? As it's only five mph over, and he has a clean record, are they likely to cancel on appeal if he tells them he has done all he can to find who was driving?

Asked on 3 September 2017 by Tilly123

Answered by Honest John
This is a Catch 22 situation. If he fails to identify the driver he faces a penalty. If he identifies himself as the driver when he wasn't, he faces the much more serious charge of perverting the course of justice that can bring six months imprisonment. In addition to which there is the question of whether the driver was insured. If the family member who was driving at the time will not admit to it, then what he should do is identify whoever drove the car away from his house because that is honestly the last person he saw drive his car.
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