Water keeps getting into all four doors of my car - how do I help drain it?

I have a 2016 Ford Galaxy that retains water in all four passenger doors after raining. They only drain out when I open them fully and drain out only at the door hinge side, about one third of a cup on all doors. I took it to a Ford dealer who said they could not find the problem but assured me that my perforation guarantee will cover it up to 12 years Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Asked on 25 July 2017 by brian doleman

Answered by Honest John
I think that some of the drains are probably locked with anti-corrosion wax and your dealer has been a bit lazy here. Get hold of a wooden kebab skewer (wooden so it doesn't damage the paint) and poke out all of the drain holes in the bottoms of the doors. There should be three at the bottom of each door.
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