If Volkswagen eventually compensate UK owners, will the compensation got to the original owner?

My daughter wants to sell her Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 DSG - which has had the emisions fix - and buy new via a leasing contract. In your view, will Volkswagen finally treat UK owners equally and compensate them? It is my understanding that Volkswagen was forced to pay substantial compensation to US owners for selling them similar vehicles using false statements regarding emissions and economy. That is now being replicated in Germany, I read. If so, will it be the original purchaser or current owner?

Asked on 4 July 2017 by zeberdee

Answered by Honest John
There is no reason for Volkswagen to offer compensation to owners of Volkswagen cars in Europe over the NOx Emissions fiasco unless the VAG fix doesn't work. If it doesn't work, then VAG is 100 per cent liable to fix cars in reasonable condition entirely FoC to the owner. My advice is that if the car is high mileage the fix is unlikely to work without a new EGR and maybe new injectors because these will be worn, so owners should think twice about having it done. If the car is reasonably average mileage then VAG should pick up the tab of fixing them properly. The situation in the USA is significantly different. US NOx limits are lower than in Europe and it was actually impossible to 'fix' the cars there without re-engineering them. That is why owners were offered compensation. In Europe, VAG had proven that the cars can be fixed (though older, higher mileage cars with worn EGRs and worn injectors require more work). Were VAG to buy back all ten million of the affected cars in Europe, the company would actually go bust.
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