£1700 bill after complications from the emissions fix - what should we do?

My son's 2010 Volkswagen Passat, 102,000 miles, never had any problems until it had the emissions fix in April. One month later, it went into limp mode and we took it to a local Volkswagen dealer. It took four days for Volkswagen to advise them on the repair strategy. First to change the EGR valve, which gave no cure. Next the harness was changed at a charge of £280 with no cure. Followed by a new ECU at £1200. The car started but then cut out. So they changed the EGR valve (no charge). Next problem was "cranking on starting" which needed a new throttle body at £240. In total this all took a month. The dealer asked Volkswagen for a contribution but after one week got no response. My own efforts complaining to Volkswagen direct also gave no response despite them saying someone will contact me after two days. What should we do?

Asked on 20 June 2017 by Andy Bush

Answered by Honest John
This is the problem with the NOx emissions fix. If parts of the car such as the EGR and the injectors seem to be working fine, but are actually worn out and close to failure, then they will not cope with the NOx emissions fix. This involves a different injection sequence and the creation of more soot and only works if all components are in good condition. You will eventually get something towards this from Volkswagen because Volkswagen's instructions to its dealer wrecked your car that previously seemed to be running fine.
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