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I bought a used car but it's faulty and now the dealer is being difficult - what can I do?

In April I bought an Audi S4 from a used car dealer. From the outset I didn't feel happy with the purchase and felt that the car didn't drive very well but blamed myself for making a mistake. I had a number of conversations with the garage about swapping the car but got no solution. They did offer me a refund within 24 hours due to another fault which they fixed but at the time I didn't know my car was faulty, and offered me an alternative vehicle of a lower value, but I refused as I didn't see that I should have been losing 10% of the value I had paid for my car in a couple of weeks.

Feeling so unhappy I decided to part ex the car with another garage at some loss. This was when I was told that my car was not right and when the other dealer plugged in their diagnostic tools it showed that there were faults. I went back to the dealer who sold it to me who said the vibrations were normal and explained away the fault codes. Telling me there was nothing wrong with the car happened on more than one occasion which they have sent me in writing.

This was 2 months ago. The garage were being quite difficult and sent me some transcriptions of telephone conversations and a recording of one of our calls just 15 days after buying the car but actually everything they have send corroborates my situation. It is clear from the conversation that although I am not specifying that there is a fault, that I was explaining that the car did not drive with the power I had expected from an S4. I have the emails and audio.

They were trying to suggest that I have sabotaged the car is some way, or that the other dealers changed setting during their testing. They have currently taken the car away for testing and depending on the results may fix it. I really want my money back as I believe had they taken it in to test on day 15 when they have a recording of the issues and my dissatisfaction with the vehicle, they would have found the faults, and a refund would have been my statutory right.

Asked on 16 June 2017 by Wayne Sullivan

Answered by Honest John
If you have reached an impasse with the dealer then the only way out of this is to settle the matter in the County Court. This will cost you a considerable amount of money in solicitor's fees, barrister's feed and court costs. Possibly £10,000, with no guarantee of a ruling in your favour. Your case is a bit messy, so I would advise you to settle with the dealer out of court. Law here:
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