Do you know anything about DSC faults on the BMW 3 Series?

I wonder if you have had any requests for help about the DSC warnings displayed on BMW dashboards? I have a 55-plate 3 Series and have only ever used the DSC once, in the bad snow at the beginning of this year for a couple of hours. Out of the blue a couple of months ago, the DSC warning light came on and stayed on, so I took the car to an independent BMW specialist. They ran a test and gave me a piece of paper with the following fault code printed on it: '5E20 Hydraulic unit: pressure sensor, internal'.

They advised me this was a common fault which had been around for years. They had had three cars that week with the same problem. They advised me to go to a BMW dealership where they knew BMW rectified the fault for free on cars younger than '05 and, where appropriate, either replaced the unit or had a kit which could mend the fault without having to replace everything. Do you know anything about this?

Asked on 21 August 2010 by diana bee

Answered by Honest John
This kit to fix a pressure sensor inside the ESP part of the module costs less than £300 fitted and you can get it from
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