Did a DSC/ESP fault cause our BMW 1 Series' brakes to fail?

The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) Warning light recently illuminated on the dashboard of my wife's BMW 1 Series. We consulted the manual which stated the car was still safe to drive. As the car was under warranty, I booked it into my local BMW dealer to be checked. I looked on the internet, and apparently the DSC unit on the 1 Series has had numerous faults and customers are arguing that BMW should issue a recall.

The following day my wife had an accident where she collided at low speed with the car in front. She assumed at the time her foot had slipped off the brake pedal. However, at the local BMW dealer the following week whilst parking the car for its service, the brakes on the car completely failed and my wife was forced to use the handbrake to bring the vehicle to a halt. This was brought to the attention of the dealer who replaced the unit, and we have had no further problems since.

We have applied to BMW to cover the cost of repair for the minor damage caused to the car in the accident, but they have refused, stating that the DSC fault could not have caused the brakes to fail. This is a potentially lethal fault, we have two young children and often drive on the motorway. Can you advise me how I might progress this matter further? BMW have told me that their decision is final.

Asked on 18 August 2010 by Copper

Answered by Honest John
The fault with the DSC/ESP pressure sensor is unlikely to have caused brake failure.
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