Does an the alternator only keeps a battery to its existing charge level?

I read a recent reply of yours to a Honda CR-V owner whose stop/start isn't working, where you advised a new battery. We recently bought a 2013 CR-V with a 12 month warranty from a main dealer and the stop/start ceased working after about a week. It didn't restart for four months - even after a four hour drive. The local Honda service agent checked the car (the main dealer is 60 miles away) and said that the battery was 75 per cent charged and 'good', but suggested to the dealer that replacing the battery would be sensible. The dealer doesn't want to do this. When I asked the local agent why the battery wasn't fully charged he said that the alternator only keeps a battery to its existing charge level, which I frankly don't believe. I thought the whole point of an alternator was that it charged a battery to, but not over, its capacity.

Asked on 5 June 2017 by Simon Tattersall

Answered by Honest John
Depends entirely on your usage of the car. If you run it 100 miles plus every day, the battery remains fully charged and retains its capacity to hold a full charge of 13.5 volts and can last 10 years. If you run it short distances then the battery does not fully recharge and gradually loses its capacity to hold a full charge.
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