How do I reset my car after changing the battery?

I have a 2004 Nissan Micra 1.5 dCi. I was driving and it stopped all of sudden. I have been told that alternator is gone but I need to take the car to garage. I have a replacement battery to start the car and take it to garage but the car did not start even after replacing the battery. How can I reset the car? There is a battery sign on dashboard.

Asked on 13 May 2017 by Neeraj sukhadia

Answered by Alan Ross
When you put the new battery on did all the electrics work? i.e. did the engine turn over? You may want to try this. Disconnect the battery leave for 5 mins. Then reconnect but do NOT switch anything on at all and leave for 15 mins, then try to start the engine.
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