The tyre pressure warning light keeps coming on in my car - and the dealer can't fix it?

I have a 2014 Honda Civic 1.4. The tyre pressure warning light comes on regularly which is alarming. The main dealer has had the car back several times, checked the pressures and reset the computer but to no avail.They say the system is too sensitive and there is no way the system can be cancelled so they are waiting for software from Honda. Is this correct and have any other owners experienced the same problem?

Asked on 18 April 2017 by David Snowden

Answered by Honest John
No other reports specifically of Honda cars. But I have had the problem before on a couple of cars. If the cold pressures are near the top limit for the tyres and are slightly uneven, then simply running them on a motorway heats them up so the pressures increase by about 3PSI and that sets off the sensors.
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