Should I buy an Audi A3 diesel or hybrid?

I'm looking at changing my 2013 petrol Renault Clio 0.9 TCe for a diesel as my commute to work is now 134 miles (67 miles each way). I make this commute up to four times per week, however, in a few months I will only be commuting three days per week. I was looking at the Audi A3 as the MPG is better than what my current car achieves on the motorway. However, with the recent press on diesel cars, I'm not sure if I should invest in the A3 e-tron or if it will still be more cost effective to get a diesel. I just don't want to be in a situation where I will face higher charges to park the car or be banned from driving round cities. I can charge the e-tron at home and at work.

Asked on 30 March 2017 by Elliot Mason

Answered by Honest John
The A3 e-tron, Golf GTE and Prius plug-in are all the wrong side of £30,000. They only run electric for a maximum of 30 miles after charging, so for the rest of a journey are actually less efficient than a plain hybrid, though, of course, when you extrapolate the 30 miles with no fuel consumed into the whole journey, your average fuel consumption is less. I think probably better to go for a non plug-in hybrid, and the most stylish one is the new Toyota C-HR:
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