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Should you pay to insure a hire car if your own car is being crash repaired?

A female friend, in her first year of driving, had her car damaged in a works carpark by a male colleague. He accepted responsibility and it was agreed that it would be cheaper for both parties if her insurance company was not involved. His insurance company has taken her car away for repair and supplied her with a hire car. She was asked to pay £70 to insure it. Is that how it should be in this instance?

Asked on 29 March 2017 by John Boy

Answered by Tim Kelly
No not normally, but the issue will be with her age at a guess, if she is under the age of 21, they will not want to cover her. Tell her to advise the at fault insurer that if they do not pay for cover for insurance that she will take them to court for any out of pocket expenses. She can do this via claims online.
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