Why has my Audi A6 2.0d suddenly lost power?

I recently bought a 2011 Audi A6 2.0d that has done 55,000 miles. I was driving on the motorway at about 70mph when the car lurched and the engine management light came on, followed by the engine losing power. I pulled over to the hard shoulder to see what was wrong and the engine was stuttering, as if it was struggling to get diesel. It rectified itself and starting ticking over normally but when I pulled off the engine management light stayed flashing and the engine had no power. The engine management light and the emission control lights are on the dash and I still have no power. I've booked a check with an Audi garage next week. Can anyone give me some advice as to what might be the problem?

Asked on 22 March 2017 by Mark Smith

Answered by Honest John
Guess this is post NOx emissions fix that in reducing NOx creates more soot that is supposed to be burned off by active regeneration of the DPF, but this does not always work.
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