Is a 2015 Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSI 125PS with a full service history a good deal at £12,500?

As a first time buyer, I have my eye on a 2015 Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSI 125PS Ultraviolet from a BMW dealer. It's £12,500, has full Volkswagen Service History and has 30,000 miles on the clock. Is it a good deal?

Asked on 8 March 2017 by Paul

Answered by Honest John
If it's the belt cam 1.4 TSI it's okay. And 125PS usually denotes that. If it's the earlier chain cam 122PS 1.4 TSI there could be trouble with the timing chain. VAG swapped over from chain to belt over 2012-2015 but some models still had chain in 2015. You need to ask very specifically whether it has a belt or chain and get the answer in writing as part of your sales contract so they don't just flannel you and deny it afterwards.
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