The dealer says my son's GAP insurance is invalid, despite selling it to him in the first place. Is the garage liable?

My son bought a new car almost three years ago and paid for GAP insurance at the time, to cover the difference in the insurance settlement and the cost of a replacement car should the car be stolen. The car was recently stolen, so he approached the dealer to seek details of how to apply for the insurance settlement. The dealer has informed him that they did not arrange the insurance, despite the fact that he has the receipt showing they charged him for it. They say he has not been covered so cannot expect payment. This appears to be fraud or gross negligence on their part. Have you any advice about how he should proceed?

Asked on 10 August 2010 by Oscar

Answered by Honest John
Absolutely. If he has a receipt for the payment then the garage is directly liable for what the GAP insurance would have covered. Get onto
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