How do I reverse uphill using an electric parking brake?

I'm about to buy a new Mazda 3 manual which has an electric parking brake which I haven't used before. I park my car facing downwards on a steep 1 in 3 gradient on my driveway. Will the the electronic parking brake release automatically when I reverse uphill out of the drive and prevent the car from rolling forwards (i.e. hill start assist working in reverse)? If not, how do you reverse up a steep incline from standstill using a electronic parking brake?

Asked on 23 January 2017 by sc489

Answered by Honest John
You treat the switch as if it were the lever of a lever type parking brake. Always better to manually release an electromechanical parking brake. It will release automatically, but by releasing it manually you avoid the consequence of any glitches causing it to not respond immediately and thereby any additional wear this may cause.
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