What will £6000 car allowance per year afford me?

Could you advise what the average car allowance is for a regional sales manager and what the amount should cover? Also how many miles should be expected to be driven without it costing you more than the allowance? I was offered £6000 per year before tax. I am new to the UK and would appreciate your advice.

Asked on 31 January 2017 by Lindi

Answered by Simon Harris
We can only advise on the basis of the information you've provided, and this is quite a complex area. We have to assume that you don't have a 'company car' option, as in most cases a regional sales manager would be in the 'job need' category. Company car provision for this type of role would be preferable to a 'car allowance' giving you the responsibility to procure your own vehicle. Car allowances vary according to the type of industry you work in, but £6,000 per year seems reasonable, if not generous. We are also assuming that your business mileage would be reimbursed at AFR rates. You will, of course, be taxed on the allowance but will then have to fund, insure and maintain the car.
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