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Can I tow a car which is on a SORN?

Can I tow a car back to the dealer? The car in question has been on SORN and it has a current MOT, but I'm insured on the car that would do the towing.

Asked on 6 August 2010 by danno58

Answered by Lucy
It depends on the method of towing. If you use an 'A-bar' the car behind becomes a trailer and doesn't need tax, MOT or insurance. The towing vehicle must be insured (including for towing) and you must have sufficient rights on your licence to tow a vehicle. If the car is towed by rope, then all the usual rules of the road apply - the towed vehicle must be taxed, MOT'd and insured, unless it is being towed to a pre-booked MOT test or to a garage to have the work necessary to pass the MOT.
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