Why is my car, originally registered on Northern Ireland plates, no longer on the GB database?

We bought a second hand KIA from Fords of Windsor that was originally registered with Northern Ireland plates but was re-registered by the dealer with GB plates before we bought it. No problems for a couple of years until today. It went to the KIA dealer for service and MOT but they said they couldn't MOT it as they couldn't find the car on the database. They have completed the service with no issues for the previous two years. Why is this an issue now?

Asked on 18 January 2017 by Julian Llewellyn

Answered by Honest John
A KIA dealer couldn't find it on the UK KIA database because it wouldn't be on. Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man are treated separately. But because Fords registered it on the UK DVLA database it will be on that, so any non KIA MoT testing station should be able to test it.
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