Should I have to pay a parking ticket for accidentally entering my reg number wrong?

I have received a parking charge of £60 for not paying the parking fee. I did pay the fee but as it was difficult to enter the registration I inadvertently entered a letter E in error of the letter F. I realised this after the ticket was issued. I have written to them giving this information but they are upholding the charge. I did not avoid paying the parking charge and feel aggrieved that I should be penalised for making a simple error on a difficult machine. Should I further contest the charge?

Asked on 18 January 2017 by highlander2

Answered by Honest John
Since November 2015 when the Supreme Court ruled on the Beavis case, parking enforcers have been given carte blanche to make up their own rules and enforce them. Difficult-to-use registration keyboards have been part of the entrapment recipe since well before the Beavis case, but until some brave soul challenges this and it goes to the Supreme Court and they get a ruling in their favour everyone is liable to get screwed. See:
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