Will Michelin Cross Climate tyres give a smoother ride in a Volkswagen Golf SV?

I am trying to reduce the discomfort of potholes in our Volkswagen Golf SV, fitted with 205/55 R16 Michelin Energy tyres. Michelin Cross Climates have been recommended but my tyre dealer says they will not make much difference to the quality of the ride. What are your thoughts on this?

Asked on 16 January 2017 by Heinzmanfred

Answered by Honest John
He's wrong. I switched to 205/55 R16 Cross Climates in a Honda HR-V last year and they made a significant improvement to ride quality, steering feel and reduced road noise as well as the other benefits. I ran them at 31PSI all round cold pressures, for 10,000 miles. If you run them at higher pressures then they won't make as much difference.
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