Should Volkswagen replace the broken EGR valve on my Volkswagen Touran?

I have just had my 2013 Volkswagen Touran recall part changed, it was an NOx engine control unit (23R7), and only 5 days later (I don't drive it much) two orange lights came on. Volkswagen say it needs an EGR valve. I said this is a strange coincidence since I had just had the recall done and they say it is not linked and not their fault. My friend said it could be a software fault as it was driving okay. I got it towed to the Volkswagen dealer as I'm 70 years old and worried. Could it just be a software problem as it is a 1.6 diesel and only done 38,000 miles?

Asked on 16 January 2017 by Linda

Answered by Honest John
Extremely common with the 1.6 TDI engine. Volkswagen should be paying for these EGR replacements. Demand that the supplying dealer refunds all your costs associated with this and if he refuses, use Small Claims in The County Court to sue him for it on the grounds that the car was originally sold with faulty emissions equipment and this was responsible for the early failure of the EGR.
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