My Mercedes-Benz AMG is having steering problems on full lock at low speed - what do I do?

We own a Mercedes-Benz AMG 4matic with the same issue that you have written about on the Mercedes-Benz GLC and GLA a few days ago. So far we have had the same response from Mercedes AMG in writing and the dealer, where the "fix" is a winter wheel tyre package which they can't get as the rear wheels are out of stock. I have also contacted Dunlop who have provided the staggered tyres. 225/45/18 front and 245/40/18 rears. The technical department called me today and stated that they don't have an issue with the tyre angle of the front tyre as long at they are MO tyres. I have provided a video to both Mercedes and Dunlop that shows the front tyre appear to "fold" under the rim at full lock, then skip across the ground at full lock and low speed.

When AMG called me they stated that this isn't being reported in Germany. I pointed out that I doubt that the German cars have the UK steering option that is quoted on the options list. We have also been told that the fix is winter tyres, the wheel package I have been quoted is £2500 plus the tyres! Looking at the mean temperature for my area of the UK (Chester) they would be needed for 5 months of the year and I'm not sure that can be counted as suitable for UK roads.

I'm also not convinced that the winter tyres will solve the issue but we are thinking of investing in some MO winter tyres today and just swap them on the current rims to prove it. The tyre dealer I use has a hunter machine with the Mercedes sensor kit, I will ask them if they have the settings for my car and at least get a printout of the current settings and report back. This was going to be our dream car, so far its less than that.

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Asked on 6 January 2017 by Graham I

Answered by Honest John
This and the email from the GLC owner in Australia suggests that the problem is RHD and, typical of German car manufacturers, Mercedes is in denial and simply telling its UK operation to "deal with it". The fact is that your car is "not of satisfactory quality" and you have a full legal right to reject it as such. Mercedes-Benz did have a problem before, years ago, of not being able to fit its 4-Matic system to E-Class and S-Class because it interfered with the steering. Your legal rights here:
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