Do we have a right to a replacement vehicle for our new SsangYong Rexton?

I own a January 1, 2016 registered SsangYong Rexton ELX 2.2 diesel automatic. Whilst it has performed as expected, I have experienced repeated (five) visits to the dealer to resolve the issue of the engine light coming on. On each occasion I have been informed that they have cleared the fault and that the vehicle would be fine. I am now on my second long absence from the vehicle as they have now had it for two weeks (a week previously and three wait and fix visits) as they continue to try and resolve the fault. Whilst the vehicle performs okay, it is very unnerving and my wife and I are at the point of losing all confidence in driving or being a passenger in it. It would appear that there is an inherent fault within the vehicle software management system. Whilst the dealership have done all that SSanyong GB have advised them to do, we are still not confident that the problem will be resolved. The fault first appeared approximately 22 weeks into ownership and we wondered what our legal position is. Could we insist that the dealer or Ssanyong replace the vehicle with a like for like vehicle? We keep being promised that this time it will be fixed but we feel they have had enough opportunities to repair the vehicle. Have you heard of similar issues with this vehicle or have we got a lemon?

Asked on 3 January 2017 by LINDSAY WRIGHT

Answered by Honest John
Since the vehicle is now a year old, I don't think you have a right to a new replacement, though you may be able to successfully argue your case for a replacement of the same age. Law here:
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