Are there any all-weather tyres available for my BMW convertible?

I have a 2012 BMW 330d convertible. The wheels are 255/30/19 at rear and 225/35/19 at front. If I move to 17-inch wheels ( 225/45/17 tyres), are there any all-weather tyres available or would I need to buy winter and summer tyres separately?

Asked on 3 January 2017 by johnbos

Answered by Honest John
Michelin does Cross Climates in 225/45 R 17 94 W XL and in my experience over 10,000 miles these are the best all weather tyres. However, they are not runflats, and they are directional so tyre swaps to even out wear have to be front to back the same side. You can run the car on non runflats, but you would then either need to rely on the AA that carries universal space saver spare wheels to get you to a tyre depot, or carry a space saver spare. Tyre repair kit glop fails to repair around 95% of punctures.
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