What's the legal towing capacity of the Nissan Terrano?

I have a Nissan Terrano. I believe its towing weight is about 2900kg and I'm thinking of getting a new trailer, with a gross weight of 3500kg. The unladen weight is about 1900kg and my horse weighs about 600kg. Plus hay and a few bits which adds another 150kg. By my calculation that comes to 2650kg, within my towing weight. I would definitely not attempt to carry more than my one horse. Would this be legal?

Asked on 24 November 2016 by Alison Elmer

Answered by Honest John
Presumably you are licensed to tow? (www.gov.uk/towing-with-car/driving-licence-rules-a...w.) These ate the Terrano II's towing capacities: www.uktow.com/towing%20capacity.asp?make=Nissan&am.../ As long as the loaded trailer (including horse, hay and other stuff) is within the weight limit you are okay.
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