Why does my C-Class pull to the left?

I have a 2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2.2 diesel AMG coupe that pulls to the left on the motorway. However, when driving in town, it doesn't pull at all and drives fine. It's been on three different alignment machines and all have read within tolerance, with the last one being at a Mercedes-Benz dealer at a staggering cost of £250. I have put new front tyres on the car and yet it still pulls to the left. I have tried swapping the tyres, but to no avail. I'm beginning to think that the fault is more of a technical issue. What do you suggest I do?

Asked on 20 November 2016 by Del boy 202

Answered by Honest John
In that case all I can suggest is that it's been damaged by a kerb or pothole and when aligned to factory spec it's still out because something is bent.
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