First car for young driver - what are the options?

We as parents need to get a basic elderly small petrol hatchback type car for our soon to be 17 year old to learn on and to be a first car, we have seen a Ford Ka Finale 58 plate for £1098 but had a hunch that I would perhaps be better off with an old Peugeot, Citroen or something like a Hyundai or Toyota, did not really want to spend more than £1500 for this first car, would appreciate your thoughts, also wondered why there does not seem to be much mention of a Finale when looking at Ka's and also wondered if this was a 1st Generation model which I believe is prone to rust and corrosion.

Asked on 17 November 2016 by Robert brooke

Answered by Honest John
Rust in the sills in front of the rear arches could be terminal. But this is one of the last Mk 1 Kas so should not be that bad.. Worth checking of course with a screwdriver. Worth getting a fresh MoT done before purchase. Also make sure the power steering rack isn't weeping.
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