2016 Asta K SRI Sports Tourer: Manual Hanbrake roll away?

I looked at other Astra chat-rooms before placing my Astra K order. One issue I researched were the cases where Astras with an electronic parking brake had rolled away. It appeared as though the electronic parking brake system tried to compensate for brake cooling and shrinkage by increasing its "Cinch grip" as required - apparently periodically unsuccessfully. It was unclear if the parking brake acted on the rear disc brake or if it had its own drum brake as with my other cars. Does anyone know what the Astra K has?

This was enough for me to opt for the pull up traditional handbrake - admittedly with hill start assist. I think means that the handbrake will stay on for three seconds when the handbrake lever is released, allowing the car to move off up or down hill by "driving through" the applied brake, which automatically releases. My friend with a Jaguar XJ found this feature has resulted in the rear brake pads being replaced at 5k miles. Does anyone have any experience here?

The Astra K handbook covers itself by suggesting that when the car is parked on a hill, it should be left in 1st gear, if facing uphill, and reverse, if facing downhill. It further suggests turning the wheel so that the car would "kerb" to a stop if it still ran away in gear with the engine off.

So far I had been satisfied with the pull up handbrake which seemed to have a good grab and enough spring and tension to cope with cooling and brake shrinkage. I have been parking on level ground at my house.

The other day I parked overnight on a slight slope - perhaps 1 in 8. I gave the handbrake a good yank and thought the job was a good one - I ignored the handbook advice, thinking it excessive. I checked where the rear of the car was in the parking bay - just within the white line.

Blow me - the next morning the car had moved 6 to 9 inches down the hill below the white line!

Does my car still have the electronic "Cinch grip" in spite of what I thought?

Asked on 18 November 2016 by Finston Pickle

Answered by Honest John
Alfa Romeo used to fit drums for the parking brake inside the rear discs on 105 Series cars in the 1970s. I don't know of any manufacturers who do this currently. Yes, the electromechanical parking brakes on XFs sometimes drag. Sometimes the parking brake on the new XF doesn't work when you think it has. The best answer is the electromechanical parking brake of cars like the Honda HR-V and Toyota C-HR backed up with a separate electromechanical 'Brake Hold' function that you have to switch on. That then automatically holds the brakes when you stop in traffic and releases them again when you want to go, leaving the heavy job to the electromechanical parking brake. The Highway Code still advises leaving cars in gear when parked with the wheels angles so that if the car starts to roll away the kerb will stop it.
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