What is this intermittent issue with my Volkswagen Touran?

I have had intermittent fumes in my Touran for about two years.

The local VW dealer has tried hard to fix the problem, but I am still getting fumes and have to open the windows.

It typically occurs if I am in stationary traffic for more than a minute. I recently called the RAC to inspect the car. The RAC engineer soon noticed the fumes. He was not able to find the definitive cause. I am at the stage where I quite frankly feel I am getting nowhere, and putting my health and families health at risk. I have even asked the dealer to disable the ancillary heater in case that was an issue.

Do you know how I can get the fumes entering the car measured so that can go to VW with clear evidence? Or any other suggestions?

Asked on 16 November 2016 by theukprof

Answered by Alan Ross
This type of problem is not unknown on these vehicles .
Firstly check the pollen filter.

After that you will need to get the EGR ( exhaust gas re circulation valve) removed and cleaned, as this appears to be the main reason for fumes coming into the car)

If you want to measure the fumes then you will need a co gas analyzer (similar to the one that is used when measuring exhaust gases during an MoT)
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