Why isn't the M77 motorway maintained better?

The motorway(M77) that I use is poorly maintained in my view. It is part of a design build and maintain system. It is left to deteriorate and is "plug" repaired with some sort of resin mix which is never even. More holes appear round these and the motorist is left to rumble bump and crash over these undulations.eventually a section is renewed but then the cycle just repeats itself. In addition the joins in the asphalt are broken up causing your vehicle to tramline. I have complained in various ways but have told this is all acceptable. I am concerned that the safety of motorists and the damage to vehicles is being compromised by the contractors and government officials. Can I do more? Thanks for your peerless site

Asked on 16 November 2016 by JIM YOUNG

Answered by Honest John
It's a matter of budgets and the extremely complex manner in which they disappear into the hands of the companies responsible for UK road maintenance. But, put simply, we have Third World roads because we don't have the money to maintain them properly either because not enough is generates and allocated from taxation or because the complex health and safety rules make road maintenance too expensive.
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