Peugeot 206 fault codes - what do they mean?

I'v owned a Peugeot 206 2.0-litre diesel (2004 model) for a couple of years. The engine management light came on within an hour of me buying the car but I just ignored it as it didn't seem to affect the car's performance. However, now its time to sell, I'm trying to identify the problem. I've replaced the EGR value, but nothing. I'm thinking of replacing the DPF sensor but its expensive and have no idea where it is located and how hard it is to replace.

The problem codes I'm getting are P1352, P0402, P0400, P0500, and P0102 can anyone shed any light on this frustrating situation?

Asked on 10 November 2016 by Andy Browne

Answered by Alan Ross
The code P1352 is relating to the Glow Plug Pre/Post heating relay P0402 and P0400 are both indicating that the EGR valve,/wiring/solenoid are faulty( although you have changed the EGR)
P0102 is the MAF (mass air flow sensor). Would suggest that you check all earthing straps on the engine.

P1352,and P0402/P0400 have been known to come up together and as such can sometimes be related to a wiring problem/connection/earth. You say that the engine is running okay, and so cannot understand why the MAF fault code is showing. You may want to check it it as well and then re run the diagnostic.
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