Clutch burn out after a few months - what are my rights?

I recently had my clutch replaced after it was slipping. My local garage fitted a new clutch and fly wheel. After a week or so, I noticed a bad burning smell on occasions. I took it back and they said they couldn't find anything wrong.

Now, four months after the new clutch, there's smoking from under the bonnet and a very bad burning smell when holding on the clutch for just minute or two. Taken back to garage and they are accusing me of burning the clutch out! I've been driving 32 years and never had to replace a clutch before. Shouldn't they replace this for free?

Asked on 7 November 2016 by Beverley Dubus

Answered by Honest John
I have a problem here because why would you hold a car on the clutch for "just a minute or two"? You either engage the clutch or release it, but don't hold it half way and allow it to slip because that would inevitably burn it out.
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