Why is the broken clutch on my i20 not covered by Hyundai's warranty?

I have no knowledge regarding vehicle mechanics. However, I have been driving for over 30 years and have never had to replace a clutch before around 70,000 + miles. I have had my Hyundai i20 from new (2014) and done less than 18,000 miles.
I noticed a problem a few weeks ago where I felt as if I was in the wrong gear (e.g. third felt like second). It was intermittent, but when it became frequent I booked it into the Hyundai garage for the following week. The problem got worse over the weekend and whilst I was on the way to the garage on Monday (nine mile journey from work) I smelt burning - this had not happened previously. I was first advised by the garage that the clutch needs replacing (not covered by warranty) and later received a phone call advising me that the input shaft also needs replacing (covered by warranty). I have asked whether the clutch damage could have been caused by the problem with the input shaft and should therefore be covered by the warranty. I have been advised that the clutch is showing that it is worn and therefore they do not consider it consequential damage, so I have to pay for a new clutch. Are you able to comment on this?

Asked on 1 November 2017 by Angela

Answered by Honest John
This is quite common on i20 and, as a concession, Hyundai and Kia warrant clutches for two years, which is 18 months longer than any other manufacturer. But for the past two years it's usually put down to wear and tear. If you are saying you are suspicious that an oil leak via the input shaft seal might have caused the problem, then you need to be there when the transmission is removed to see for yourself. That would be a warranty issue.
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