Does the Ford Fiesta use a DSG gearbox?

I have test driven a Ford Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost Powershift and was really impressed with it. However, I've now been told by men 'in the know' that its probably a DSG gearbox and I should avoid it. Is this true?

I have about £9000 to spend and need an automatic. How can I find out if this Fiesta is DSG? Could you suggest an alternative car approx same size, or a smidgen larger?

Asked on 2 November 2016 by Sue

Answered by Honest John
Brilliant to drive, but it is a Powershift twin dry clutch box and it has had clutch pack issues. This one may already have had a clutch pack replacement and you might be able to find out via a Ford dealer. You can avoid twin clutch autos and automated manuals with a Mazda 2 1.5 Activmatic, KIA Picanto 1.25 four-speed torque converter auto, Hyundai i10 1.25 four-speed torque converter auto, or a Honda Jazz 1.4iVTEC CVT-7. Avoid Nissan CVTs.
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