Bought a used car that is unroadworthy - can I take it back to the dealer?

I bought a used car from a dealer four months ago. Recently, the car - a Citroen C5 – had a minor knock on the suspension. I took it to my local garage and had the tracking done, but the car now pulls violently to the left or the right when holding the steering straight.

Upon further investigation, it appears that the car was subject to a quick fix, made to the wishbone by drilling a hole in the lower mount and a screw inserted to remove the movement in the bush.

This bolt has since snapped rendering the car undriveable. The car was MoT'd the day I bought it and passed with no advisories. After speaking with my local mechanic, I have been told the car should have never passed the MoT in the first place. Do I have any rights to go back to the dealer and ask them to pay for the repairs?

Asked on 1 November 2016 by ryan slocombe

Answered by Honest John
Huge rights. Not only were you sold a dangerously unroadworthy car, you were sold it with a known fault, and the dealer is liable for six months from date of sale anyway: A small claims judge is likely to order him to refund your purchase price in full.
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