Contract hire - how can I dispute an end-of-lease bill?

I returned my four year-old 89,000 mile Volvo V70 back to the dealer last week. The car was on contract hire and the assessor pointed out a small handful of minor scratches, but said none of them contravened the leasing guidelines on the condition of the car. I have the report and took photos of my car before it was returned. I far as I am concerned it was absolutely clean on return.

Today I received a demand from Volvo Car Leasing for £439 - claiming two scratches on door panels, a damaged alloy wheel and two poor repairs to front off-side wing and bumper cover. The bumper and wing had minor damage repaired two years ago from my insurance approved repairer following a very minor collision (not my fault). The repairs looked good to me and there were no visible marks of said repair - again I have photographic evidence - as I do of the alloy and paintwork. How do I dispute this bill as feel that it is a blatant attempt to extort more money from me?

Asked on 22 October 2016 by John Pughe

Answered by Honest John
Tell them to take you to the Small Claims Track of the County Court for the money. They're trying it on. Leasing companies often do. But if you make your case to the judge as concisely and clearly as you did to me then I think he will rule in your favour. I also think the leasing company knows this so will simply drop the claim.
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