Small auto fpr £14,000

My sister-in-law wishes to replace her Fabia Estate with a similar sized automatic car, that can take golf clubs. Her budget is £14k and would also like SATNAV, air-con, electric windows etc. Would you recommend a VAG automatic and also what alternatives should she consider.

She was happy with the Fabia Estate and a previous Golf.

PS following your recommendation I put a set of Michelin CrossClimate tyres on my Honda CR-V and I am going to Austria for 2 weeks skiing in January.

Asked on 21 October 2016 by Walker-Paddler

Answered by Honest John
The new Citroen C3 6-speed automatic will be £17,195 and the Suzuki Baleno 6-speed auto is £15,343. The cheapest Honda Jazz CVT-7 is £14,595. You may be able to get discounts. Alternative automated manuals are generally rubbish and dual dry clutch automatics such as Polo DSGs have not been reliable. The other possibilities are the smaller KIA Picanto and Hyundai i10 1.25 4-speed torque converter autos.
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