Volkswagen Passat problems - is it related to the emissions scandal?

I received a letter from Volkswagen over a year ago to say my diesel Passat was impacted by the emissions scandal. They said they would be in touch shortly about the recall - I've yet to receive any follow up.

The car has had some problems recently. The engine shakes and loses power, particularly in higher gears but also when in neutral and stationary in traffic. Intermittently, the engine management and diesel particle filter lights comes on.

It's been into the dealer and they've re-set parameters and lowered the soot levels etc. Car is running better now, but the engine is still not fully steady and I can feel a vibration, particularly after being left overnight. I've been advised that I should try and get Volkswagen to apply my software update as soon as possible as the symptoms my car is experiencing is likely related to the fix required through the software update, is this accurate?

Asked on 14 October 2016 by Martin

Answered by Honest John
Please could you re-send this telling me exactly which car you are referring to. If it's an EA189 2.0TDI all that is required is an adjustment to the software. If it is an EA189 1.6TDI then the fix is more complex and I don't think it has been instituted yet. 1.6TDIs have been suffering a lot of EGR failures. All explained here:
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